EVENT: C-100 Celebrates 25 Years! | April 9-10, 2015

In 1990, I.M. Pei, Yo-Yo Ma, Henry Tang, Oscar Tang, Chien-Shiung Wu and Shirley Young began to build a network of high achieving Chinese Americans to address the vulnerable state of relations between the United States and China and provide a collective voice for Americans of Chinese heritage on domestic and international issues.

In April 2015, C-100 celebrated its 25th anniversary, reuniting its founders and convening U.S. and Chinese leaders in business, government, academia, arts, philanthropy and media. Participants included Dr. Henry Kissinger, Chinese Ambassador Cui Tiankai, former U.S. Ambassadors Gary Locke and Stapleton Roy, Blackstone CEO Stephen Schwarzman, AIDS Scientist Dr. David Ho, and former NASA Commander Leroy Chiao. Comedian Joe Wong and CNBC Anchorwoman Melissa Lee served as emcees. Niu Gensheng, honorary Chairman of the Laoniu Foundation, and Sue Van, President of the Wallace H. Coulter Foundation, received C-100 Excellence in Philanthropy Awards at the Awards Gala.  For more information about the events, click here.




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Chinese American Organization Committee of 100 Celebrates 25th Anniversary in New York (美华人组织百人会在纽约庆祝创会25周年) | iFeng (凤凰网)


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