A Trusted Source for Journalists Covering China—the Committee of 100

Kwan, Clarence T.
  Clarence Kwan

The Committee of 100 has long been a trusted starting point for reporters hunting down good contacts for stories about China and Chinese Americans. C-100 members come from a diverse array of fields, but most have deep involvement with Greater China as well as the Chinese American community. The Committee’s Public Affairs Director, An Ping, takes most of the calls from the press and has a keen sense of which Committee members have the expertise and knowledge that a particular reporter is seeking.

A recent example was the flurry of interest in China’s reverse investment in the U.S., evoked by a large delegation from Jiangsu Province seeking American opportunities that visited in July (including a meeting with Bay Area C-100 members  covered in Committee Bridges). In New York City, a standing-room only crowd at the Waldorf-Astoria met the delegation, and the New York Times reporter Kirk Semple decided to find out more. His August 10 story, “As Investors, Chinese Turn to New York,” included a quote on the future of Chinese investment from Clarence Kwan, who was one of several Committee members suggested by An Ping as deeply immersed in cross-border investment:

“In terms of overall flow from China into the U.S., many of us believe that it could accelerate very quickly, and it could even parallel what Japanese investment did in the mid-’80s,” said Clarence Kwan, a senior partner at Deloitte, a business services firm.

An Ping is now working with China-based C-100 members to plan an itinerary for a Committee-sponsored delegation of distinguished American journalists who will visit Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong this December, the most recent in a series of delegations that give journalists an inside view of China today. Among those who have traveled with the Committee in China are columnist David Brooks of the New York Times and Tavis Smiley of the PBS Tavis Smiley Show

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