Chinese American Hall of Fame

October-November 2010 | By Jane Leung Larson

C-100 members aren’t the only prominent Americans of Chinese descent breaking barriers and making headlines.

In this column, we salute other extraordinary Chinese Americans.

SALUTEJean Quan campaigning for Mayor of Oakland this fall.

The mid-term elections brought the first female Asian American mayor of a major city, Mayor-Elect of Oakland, Jean Quan, 61.

She was also Oakland’s first woman mayor. Quan’s political career began with twelve years on the Oakland School Board, followed by eight on the Oakland City Council. Quan’s 2010 win came by way of “ranked choice voting,” in which voters listed their top three choices (out of ten candidates). Candidates with fewer first place choices are eliminated with their second and third choices going to those remaining in the field of play. According to the Oakland Tribune, November 11, “Quan trailed former state Sen. Don Perata by more than 9 percentage points after preliminary results of first-place votes were posted Nov. 5. But those first-place votes didn't tell the whole story of how Quan ran her campaign, and how she lobbied voters to choose her as their second or third pick if they had someone else in mind for No. 1. The result: Quan picked up enough second- and third-place votes to vault over Perata.” A profile of Quan in Channel APA can be found here.

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