Kelly Cha
TV/Radio Host, Singer-Songwriter, Author, Educator
Acclaimed TV and radio host, established musical performing artist, singer/songwriter, bilingual MC, stage actress, published author, and most coveted live event hostess in the advertising field for brands ranging from consumer to luxury to auto to fashion, Kelly can only be defined as a true artist and creator and is a unique and well-known personality in China's entertainment space.

Kelly went to elementary and graduate school in the US, high school and college in China, and is the perfect blend of American and Chinese languages and culture. Her eponymous online bilingual show The Kelly Show has had over 300 million views on its first three seasons. The show focuses on American television and culture, and is the only of its kind in China. Before this her multi-media music show of five years, The ZhaZhaClub Show, has featured hundreds of artists and tastemakers from around the globe including international acts such as Linkin Park and the Eagles. Over the years she has hosted multiple TV shows on popular Chinese satellite TV networks such Hunan Satellite TV, Travel Channel and CCTV, and radio shows on prominent radio stations such as MusicRadio, CRI's EZFM, and HitFM.

Kelly is the most sought after bilingual MC for events such as Warren Buffett and Bill Gates' 3-city China tour; press conferences for Hollywood blockbusters such as Batman V. Superman, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and Logan; and major events such as GQ Man of the Year which she co-hosted with Clive Owen.

Kelly has been named "China's Top 5" by Billboard Magazine and "Next Gen Asia" by The Hollywood Reporter. A prolific singer/songwriter, she has released two self-written albums "The Last Radio Show" and "How Far Is Happiness". She has collaborated with international artists to create unique multi-lingual songs, such as releasing the English/Chinese rock song and video "Jet Lag" with Canadian punk rock band Simple Plan and the German/English/Chinese song "I Swear" with German rock legend Udo Lindenberg. She has worked closely with many high profile international brands, including being a face of Mercedes-Benz A-Class, "Apple Distinguished Educator" for Apple, Innovation Ambassador for Audi, Ambassador for LA Tourism, and Charity Ambassador for Harper's Bazaar. She has written and performed songs for brands such as Audi, Lincoln and Bazaar.

Kelly is the author of three published books and is an actress with a passion for the stage. She holds a Master's Degree in International Business Studies, is a native speaker of English and Mandarin and is fluent in Cantonese. Her biggest passion is to bridge the gap between east and west through the creation of music, film and the written word. Kelly has been a member of the Committee of 100 since 2010 and has been represented by CAA.