Albert Yu
One Angstrom, LLC
Albert Y.C. Yu is Chairman of One Angstrom LLC, and has been active in investing and mentoring high technology companies. Dr. Yu retired from Intel Corporation in late 2002, after almost thirty years with the company. He was the Senior Vice President, member of the Corporate Management Committee and General Manager of the heart of Intel's business: microprocessors, chipsets and software ($25B) for over sixteen years. Under his leadership, Intel's microprocessors from 386TM to the Pentium 4 and Pentium M Processors have become the highest volume microchips that power the computers and the Internet and propelled Intel to be the largest semiconductor company in the world. He was also in charge of Intel corporate strategy that led to its entry into the optoelectronics business and its extensive international expansions.

Prior to Intel, he was with Fairchild R&D Lab, where he conducted research and development of solid-state devices and circuits. Albert received his bachelor's degree from California Institute of Technology and his master's and doctorate degrees from Stanford University, all in electrical engineering.

Albert serves on the boards of a number of high technology companies, Venture Capital firms and non-profit organizations. He received the Distinguished Life Time Achievement Award from CIE-USA in Feb. '06 for his leadership of Intel's microprocessor success for over 16 years. Yu has published over 30 technical papers and two books: "Insider's View of Intel" (1995) and "Creating the Digital Future" (1998).