Press Policy

For press enquiries regarding the 25th Anniversary Celebration, please contact Colin Hart

中文媒体联系:陈之罡 Winston Chen

  • In your coverage of the events, please mention our organization as the Committee of 100.
  • All information received is embargoed until the date and time of presentation.
  • Audio and video recordings of Committee of 100 events, whether made by the conference or a reporter’s own equipment, are protected by copyright and are not to be republished or rebroadcast for profit or promotion purposes.
  • Copying or reproducing any portion of a speaker’s slides or videos at Committee of 100 events is prohibited without the speaker’s advance written permission.
  • In consideration of all meeting attendees, cell phones and pagers should be silenced (in the “off” position or on “vibrate”) while in session at Committee of 100 events; cell phone users are requested to step out of the room prior to answering or initiating a call.
  • All requests for interviews with Committee of 100 members should go to Holly Chang, Acting Executive Director, at 212-371-6565 or